Pemberville Village Zoning Information

Zoning Inspector:

Eric Campbell  -  sjurack@woh.rr.com  -  419-287-4768  

Pemberville Village Zoning Ordinance: Ordinance No. 1141, Passed September 1, 1998, with amendments in 2003, 2007 & 2008

Application for Zoning Certificate  (Adobe Reader PDF format)

Pemberville Zoning Map can be found here(Adobe Reader PDF format)

Pemberville Subdivision Rules & Regulations can be found here(5.5mb - Adobe Reader PDF format)

Sidewalk Specifications Ordinance: Ordinance No. 999, Passed February 18, 1992

Sidewalk Construction/Permit Ordinance: Ordinance No. 1550, Passed April 5, 2016

Sidewalk Reimbursement for Repair/Replace Ordinance: Ordinance No. 1552, Passed May 17, 2016

Application for Sidewalk Construction Permit (Adobe Reader PDF format)