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Founded on the Forks of the Portage River

Walk-In Vaccination Clinic To Be Held In Pemberville

The clinic will be held in the Pemberville Town Hall on Wednesday, May 12, from 11am-7pm. No appointment necessary. This will be for the Pfizer vaccine and it doesn't matter if this is your first or second shot. All are welcome. The follow up date will be in 3 weeks on Wednesday June 2, from 11am-7pm.

From the Desk of the Mayor

From Mayor Carol Bailey
April 19, 2021

Pemberville is opening for business!! After a long year of restrictions, the Village is cautiously proceeding with returning to ‘normal’. Your favorite events are scheduled to return!! Your Town Hall is once again fully staffed throughout the week. If you need to stop up, please call 419-287-3832 and the ladies in the office will be happy to assist you with any needs or questions.  As we move forward toward a summer of events, remember that we are still officially in a pandemic situation and caution is urged.

With new mandates from the Governors office, the Village is proceeding with plans to open the pool for the summer season! Attendance will be reduced a bit due to safety precautions with COVID, but shouldn’t effect your fun too much! The pool is scheduled to open for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and then will open fully on Friday June 4. Early signups for lessons and swim team, as well as early pool pass purchases will be held at the Town Hall from 9am to noon on Saturdays April 24 and May 15.
Costs for a pass (up to 6 family members) is $195.00 for residents and $225.00 for non residents. If purchased prior to May 31, the cost is discounted $20.00 Swim lessons will cost $55 for residents / $75 for non residents and swim team is $75 for residents / $95 for non residents. There is a limited amount of scholarship money available to help defray costs if needed. Please contact the Pemberville Food Pantry for information if you may qualify.

The Pemberville Free Fair is a go this summer. The Five Miler too! Things will undoubtedly be a little different this year due to COVID, and how they will look remains to be determined, but plans are in motion! Make plans now to be at the fair this August 18-21!!

CodeRED - Is a wonderful system that alerts you to problems on your street, town or countywide. Storms, floods, CoVid19 announcements all can come directly to you. It’s free and easy and now would be a good time to add the CodeRED app to your phone or home computer. Information for that can be found at

R U OK? - a new service to check on seniors. Please take a look and if this service would benefit you or someone you know please sign up. Contact Deputy Brianne Cooper at 419-354-9005

IF YOU ARE A SENIOR AND REQUIRE MEAL ASSISTANCE - call the Wood County Committee on Aging 419-353-5661 Or call the Mayor 419-419-9645 Also the WCCOA is looking for volunteers to deliver Mobile Meals in the Pemberville area. It takes about 1 hour and you can volunteer weekly, or even once per month. Please consider volunteering, it is extremely rewarding!

If you have old, outdated prescription (or other drugs) there is a ‘dropbox’ in the lobby of the police station. They may be safely disposed of there. NO SYRINGES please!

If you are going away for a bit, let the Pemberville Police know! They offer a service to watch your home for you. You can find a form on their website,

ALL OTHER INQUIRIES - can be made by calling 419-287- 3832 or my personal cell 419-419-9645 for Mayor. I will do my best to answer all calls. After business hours and you need to leave a message please do so and you will receive a call back as soon as possible.

UPDATE YOUR INFO Many people now have cell phones instead of landlines. If that is you, please contact the office and give us your updated contact information so we have it on file should we need to contact you.

Generally, it is illegal to use any structure, building created, erected, changed, converted or enlarged, wholly or partly, until a Zoning Certificate has been issued by the Zoning Inspector.  If you are making any change or addition to your property, you need to contact the Village Zoning Inspector. Please take a few minutes and see if anything listed here affects you and if you have questions, look them up, or call Eric Campbell @ 419-287-4768. Remember, our zoning ordinances are listed on the website on the Village Government page
Below is information on some common zoning issues that are either not known to everyone or have not been enforced for several years. In order for the village to remain the village that we know and love, we must enforce our zoning. There are many zoning rules, but here are a few that are commonly used (and abused). I encourage all residents that are considering any changes to their property visit the website and read the zoning that relates to your planned project.
  1. Swimming pools  #702  A permit is required once a pool goes beyond a certain size. It makes no difference if it is above or below ground. There are also fence regulations in regards to pools. Make a call before you make a mistake.  
  2. Fencing #904  A permit is always required. Please consult the zoning ordinances and if in doubt, call Mr. Campbell.
  3. RV’s, and recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. #701.2 There are rules regarding how many, where in your yard and even IF you can have these in your yards. Currently there are many illegally parked recreational vehicles, trailers, etc. in the village.  Please check out the rules in this regard and make adjustments before you are contacted.
  4. Accessory buildings.  #505.2 Utility sheds, garages, etc.  Again, consult zoning and seek assistance to understand the zoning prior to making your purchase by call Mr. Campbell @ 419-287-4768
We will be addressing problem areas. Please consult zoning with your questions before proceeding.

Next Brush pickup is May 3, 2021. Please DO NOT place brush at the curb prior to the weekend BEFORE brush pickup. This is a service that most villages do not provide. Of course, you may take your brush to the municipal building brush pile anytime. Remember that no grass clippings are allowed there, and that the brush pile is under surveillance at all times. Abusers will be contacted.

If you put something at the curb for pickup and it becomes obvious that is not going to picked up by the garbage, i.e. they leave it behind, please DO NOT leave it sit out there for weeks on end. Please take the appropriate steps to dispose of it yourself. Please keep your neighborhood clean and your neighbors happy!

Remember to follow the rules for the recycling bins, scrap metal dumpster and brush pile all located at the village garages. Remember that these services are under recorded surveillance at all times and illegal dumping is punishable by fines.

As time progresses, we will continue to see things return to a bit more of what we think of as normal. Until then, please be aware of your surroundings, family and neighbors (especially if they are elderly), and do whatever you can to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Village Council meetings to go hybrid in May

Beginning on Tuesday, May 4, Village Council meetings will return to meeting in the council chambers at the Village office as well as offering an option to connect through Zoom.

Select the button below in order to register for the Zoom meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The link below can also be used to register for the meeting on April 20.

Pemberville Free Fair

Visit Pemberville each August for one of Ohio's last "free" fairs. The Free Fair is be held at Memorial Park.


  • 115 Main Street, P.O. Box 109, Pemberville, OH 43450