Fire Department

104 E. Front Street, PO Box 836

Pemberville, OH 43450

Phone: 419-287-4593

Fax: 419-287-4562

The Pemberville-Freedom Fire Department (PFFD) provides Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) to the Village of Pemberville, Freedom Township and parts of Webster Township in Wood County Ohio, covering a total 43 sq miles. The PFFD consists of 50 part-time and paid per call members that includes the Chief, (3) Assistant Chiefs, (4) Captains and (2) Lieutenants. The PFFD currently has an ISO rating of 5. The PFFD provides a day crew that works from 08:00 to 17:00. The day crew normally consists of 1 Paramedic Firefighter and 1 EMT Firefighter. The PFFD is a member of the Northwest Ohio Volunteers Fire Fighters Association and the Wood County Volunteer Firefighters Association. The Freedom Township Trustee’s (3 elected individuals) govern the Pemberville Freedom Fire Department.