Street Department

Grass Clippings

Grass Clippings are no longer being accepted at the Village Municipal Building!

Yard Waste

The Village has a dump area by the Maintenance Building off Sherman Street to accept yard waste which includes shrubs, tree branches, evergreen branches, etc. and leaves. This is open to Village residents at any time.

 The Street Dept. loads all the materials from that dump area and transports them to the Hirzel Composting Operation on Ste. Rte. 105. As a licensed composting facility, they are subject to Ohio EPA regulations. The EPA informed Hirzels not to accept any further grass clippings. The EPA says that grass clippings contain many chemicals, several of which are toxic, that do not decompose in composting facilities and contaminate other naturally composted materials. Applications by lawn services and gardeners are absorbed by grass, and do not decompose. Since Hirzels can no longer accept grass clippings, the Village has no way to dispose of grass clippings from the dump station and can no longer accept grass clippings. The best way to deal with grass clippings is to mulch them into your own lawn, but it will be up to you to determine how you will deal with this situation.

Leaf Pickup

Leaf pickup occurs in the fall, typically starting in October.

PLEASE - Rake your leaves as close to the paved street as you possibly can. This allows us to serve the Village equally and expediently. Leaf piles that extend too far onto RESIDENTS private property will be left behind and may need to be re-raked by the property owner to the edge of the road. Yes, we will be making several passes of the Village as close to the posted leaf schedule as we can, weather permitted.

Try not to rake leaves into the street. And do not place sticks or other debris in your leaf piles as this can jam up our equipment.

DO NOT dump your leaves on property other than what you own, unless you have those property owners written permission. This can be considered illegal dumping.

We will continue leaf pick-up until the task is as close to completed as we can, weather permitting -- The Village will declare and post an end date at some point. We will do our best to make that date known to allow those to get their leaves out.

Disclaimer: Once the pick-up season ends, we WILL NOT come back and pick them up and removal will then be the responsibility of the property owner. The Village has provided a dump site at the Municipal Building and leaves may be dumped there as well if need be--PLEASE PUT THEM IN THE BRUSH BIN.

Curbside Brush Pickup

All brush must be cut to manageable lengths. We will no longer accept entire shrubs or trees yanked out by the roots and placed in whole on the curb.  We will not pick up any item with an attached root ball.  Any oversized pickup should be cleared with Village workers ahead of time.

Brush pickup schedule for 2023:

April 3

May 1

August 7

October 2